New Play Reading - Kick the Spotted Dog

Normally, I wouldn't report on a project so in its nascent stages, but this is a special one. Recently, I've been involved in an early production with The Paramount Theatre Group in Peekskill, NY. It is a wonderful company taking up residence at the lovely Paramount Theatre. It's an old 1100 seat theatre built originally as a great movie house, now used a music venue and we are trying to bring live theatre into the mix.

We are in the early stages, but we are one of the first casts to be assembled to workshop a playwright's new work. The play in question is Kick the Spotted Dog by Michael Sharp and it is a fantastic piece. It's about a group of firefighters before 9/11 dealing with the death of one of the guys in their ladder company on a particularly difficult run. The piece deals with sexism and racism and the entrenched personalities in the FDNY and really expose the humanity at stake.

I cannot wait to put this piece up. We are having a preliminary reading on July 9th on the stage in Peekskill. Visit for pending times and future dates!

#reading #stagedreading #newplay #upstate #newyork #acting

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