FuerzaFest 2017 - A World Premiere Play

I have just started rehearsals for a new projected: Gender of Attraction. It will take place as part of FuerzaFest 2017 - New York's Latin LGBT theatre and performing arts festival. This play seeks to take the traditional format of the romantic comedy and place it onto the all too real struggles of a trans person just trying to live their life. I am honored to be entrusted by the play's creator and lead Chris Rivera to help tell this story. The story centers on Azul a genderfluid drag performer who attracts the attention of a straight, white man, and must navigate the inherent dangers and misunderstandings therein. Work like this is so important - putting these stories on stage for all people to be brought into an experience outside their own, and for those who so often feel silent to see their lives worthy of magnification.

The show runs May 12th and 13th at the Julia de Burgos Latin Cultural Center.

#GenderofAttraction #fuerzafest #lgbt #transromcom

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